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Evolution Jujutsu and Bujinkan Kinsei Dojo were both founded by Shihan Geoff Smith. Geoff established Evolution Jujutsu in 2006 as the further development and improvement of Hoshin Jutsu, the syllabus and grading system which Sensei Smith was instrumental in establishing in 1994 out of a need for a practical, modern self-defence that was both highly effective and simple to learn and use.

Evolution Jujutsu continues to progress, with Geoff actively pursuing learning in other styles, such as, for example, Eskrima from the Philippines, and the Israeli army self-defence of Krav Maga, the best techniques from which are incorporated into its syllabus.

Adult and 12-17 years classes cover techniques including how to deal with unarmed attacks, defence against a variety of weapons, as well as rolling and break falling (techniques for falling down without injury). Classes for these groups incorporate the more technical aspects of martial arts, including joint locks to control an opponent, and throws.

Younger students, in separate groups for 5-7 years and 8-11 years, enjoy classes specifically tailored to meet their learning needs. Drills disguised as games develop martial arts skill in the most fun possible way.

Our Leadership Program, available to all students, is developing exceptional young people too, who are capable of managing groups of people of all different ages, including their peers, with grace, confidence and great poise.