COVID-19 Safety Plan Summary

Wellbeing of Staff and Visitors

At Evolution Jujutsu we are committed to keeping our visitors and workers safe. We are currently implementing the following actions:

  • Any instructors, students or visitors who are unwell are advised not to attend class.
  • Anyone who has been attending class and becomes unwell are required to notify Sensei at
  • Students are briefed on their responsibilities when unwell, physical distancing, cleaning and personal equipment.
  • COVID Safe posters will be on display in the premises including conditions of entry.

Physical Distancing

To ensure the safety of staff and students, we are implementing physical distancing in all classes. The following actions are in effect:

  • Classes will be limited to 15 people including instructors. Inline with the 4 metre rule.
  • Training (contact or non contact) is conducted inline with NSW Government rules and regulations.
  • Seating for visitors will be spaced at 1.5 metres.
  • Markers are placed on the floor to make it easy to adhere to the 4 square metre rule.
  • Gatherings before and after class are required to be social distanced.
  • As circumstances change, classes will be conducted socially distanced or online via video conferencing as required.

Hygiene and Cleaning

We want to make sure everyone stays safe with providing sanitiser and clean equipment to use. We are keeping Evolution Jujutsu clean by the following actions:

  • Hand sanitiser, soap and paper towels will be provided.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own personal equipment.
  • While sanitised equipment is available in class, sharing of equipment during class is not permitted.
  • Hygiene posters are displayed around the premises.
  • Students are reminded of good hygiene practices at the beginning of class.
  • Areas will be cleaned with disinfectant at the end of each day.
  • All payments are processed online making Evolution Jujutsu 100% contactless.

Record Keeping

Evolution Jujutsu is required to keep attendance records for each class to enable contact tracing if required. Here are the steps we have taken to keep your information safe:

  • All staff, participants and visitors are noted on an attendance record for each class.
  • This record is stored securely and confidentially.
  • We encourage all staff and students to use the COVIDSafe app.

This information will be updated regularly in accordance with the NSW Health guidelines. We are committed to maintaining a safe training environment for all students and instructors. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Sensei at