Getting Started

New Starters

All new members must complete our application, which may be completed when you come in for the first class (allow a few minutes before the class is to begin).

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What to wear

For the first class, shorts or loose fitting pants and T-shirt are fine. Our uniform is an Evolution Jujutsu T-shirt and black shorts (available from the dojo), and belt appropriate to grade level, including beginners (or ‘white belt’ students).

We train in bare feet, so students need footwear only for getting to and from the dojo. Please tie back long hair and remove any jewellery.

It’s a good idea to make sure toe and finger nails are trimmed to a safe length, and any cuts or grazes are covered with a sticking plaster strip (e.g. Bandaid).

What to bring

A willingness to learn is most important.

All students must bring a bottle of water to each class (no glass please!).

Students aged 8 years and over require sparring equipment, which consists of a mouth guard, shin guards (different from those used for soccer) and gloves, all of which are available from the dojo.

Class sizes

We limit the number of students in each class so that our students get the fullest attention of the instructors to maximise their learning. To secure a place in the class of your choice, we recommend that bookings are made well in advance, e.g. at the end of the current term for the following one. The booking is confirmed with payment of fees.


Grading for all groups is held at the end of each school semester. That being said, instructors may grade students at their discretion.

It is worth noting that the higher the grade level, the more there is to learn and understand, i.e. it may take more than one semester, or even two, to move to the next level. This is a good thing! It allows for a deeper appreciation of increasingly complex skills.

To be eligible for grading, students must have a current membership.

Students must wear full uniform: Evolution Jujutsu shirt, shorts and belt. Students 8 years and above should also bring their syllabus book, and sparring equipment: gloves, shin guards and mouth guard.


For our junior members. Our focus is on who is doing their best, rather than who is the best, so during the course of a term, we will from time to time award patches to students who are making their best effort in class, or to signify achievement of one of the Warrior patches, e.g. Fitness.

An example of how the patches are to be sewn on may be seen below. We ask that parents follow this guide, since there are quite a few patches to collect and it helps to keep the uniform looking orderly.


Missed classes

Members may make up missed class at the first available opportunity; please check with your instructor regarding class availability. Please note that the make up class must be completed within the current term. This facility also applies when there is no class due to a public holiday.


A valid membership is maintained by up-to-date fees, payable at commencement of training.

There are no joining fees; the syllabus book and grading fees are included.

Code of Conduct

Evolution Jujutsu expects a high degree of integrity from its students and has a Code of Conduct which covers our policies for health and safety, sickness and injury, etiquette as well as drugs and alcohol.