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Kids Classes

5-7 & 8-11 Years

We believe that you should have fun while you are learning, and that goes double for our younger students.

The children enjoy interactive games to develop skill, confidence, co-ordination and focus. We also make sure they gain the tools, physical and verbal, to deal appropriately with bullying. Our bully buster program gives children the tools to deal appropriately with bullies and children also learn how to focus their attention and respect their peers.

Evolution Jujutsu children develop –

• Social skills – getting along with peers and the meaning of ‘respect’
• Discipline – concentration, self-control, better study habits
• Commitment – finish what you start
• Positive self-image – healthy attitude toward self and others
• Physical Conditioning – co-ordination, balance, flexibility, fitness
• Situational awareness – recognise and avoid danger
• Leadership – confidence, independence and courtesy.

Silver Dragons

Silver Dragons (5-7 years) are introduced to the martial arts environment through fun drills and activities. The martial arts skills taught concentrate on falling and breaking falls, blocking, using verbal skills to stop bullies, and awareness of their surroundings in order to get help quickly if they need it.

Attention is also paid to good manners, sportsmanship and concentration, and we encourage responsible behaviours, kindness and helpfulness.

Golden Dragons

Golden Dragon (8-11 years) classes are run along similar lines to Silver Dragons, with attention also on improving levels of fitness and flexibility. Our martial arts training assists with developing good study skills and emotional development.

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Our Instructors and Assistants
are Working With Children cleared.

Teenage Self Defence

12-17 Years

Gain confidence and learn skills you can use for life!
Classes incorporate more technical aspects of Evolution Jujutsu, including locks and throws.
Build a positive outlook and self-esteem by learning how to defend yourself in everyday situations, all while having fun and getting fit with others your own age in this exciting MMA class.


• Life-saving skills
• Increased fitness and co-ordination
• Improved study habits (truly!)
• Increased confidence and self-discipline
• Leadership skills.

Our classes also teach both how to avoid and be prepared for dangerous situations.

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Leadership Program

Our Leadership Program aims to facilitate the development of shy, quiet young adolescents into confident and independent young adults, starting with leading sections of a class from stretching and basic drills, to more complex techniques.

As our young Leaders progress into Assistant Instructors they learn how to direct classes while managing the various levels of leaders with confidence and ease.

Some of our areas of focus are:

• Control of your emotions
• Polite and kind when guiding younger or more inexperienced students
• Respectful attitude for others and for self.

Our leadership program is also accepted as part of the Duke of Edinburgh certification. Step outside of your comfort zone, it’s good fun!

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