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Evolution Jujutsu

Evolution Jujutsu is a system that is designed for practical, personal protection in ‘real life’ situations. It develops confidence, co-ordination, and the skills necessary to avoid or manage conflict. With our system, you can learn how to confidently defend yourself in as little time as three months. Members train with people their own age 5-7 years and 8-11 years, 12-17 years and adults), so that they learn appropriate techniques, making learning both quick and, as importantly, good fun.

Leadership Program

Evolution Jujutsu incorporates an extensive leadership program across all age groups. The program developes leadership qualities by nurturing and building confidence as well as fostering responsibilty. Students start as an Assistant leader and progress through the 3 leader levels, and then onto the 4 levels of instructor. Each level is designed to challenge the student and to build on the previous levels skills. Our students are able to take skills such as leading groups, public speaking, and training & assesment into their school life, university and beyond. Our leadership program is also accepted as part of the Duke of Edinburgh award. Contact office@evolutionjujutsu.com.au to find out more and how to get started.

Bujinkan Kinsei Dojo

Ninjutsu is a complete fighting system of unarmed defence using throws, holds, chokes and joint locks. Techniques also cover ground fighting, multiple attacks, and modern weaponry. Many of our senior jujutsu students enjoy this class for its more complex technical quality.