Leader & Instructor Program

  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Develop confidence in public speaking and running classes
  • Build leadership skills and challenge yourself

Our Leader/Instructor Program is available to students 8 years and over focusing on developing exceptional young people who are capable of managing student groups of all ages, including their peers, with ease and confidence.

Beginning with assisting in group activities, participants in this Program progress to leading whole sections of a class. Leaders begin teaching the simpler skills before taking on more complex drills and techniques at the advanced levels.

As you progress to Assistant Instructor, you learn to direct classes, including managing the various levels of leaders while doing so, looking as if you were born to it.

Through involvement in this Program, Leaders and Instructors discover the enormous benefit to their own martial arts and leadership skills and that stepping outside one’s comfort zone is very rewarding!

Our Leader/Instructor courses also count toward Duke of Edinburgh certification.