Merry Christmas! It’s been a fantastic year at Evolution Jujutsu, we have such a wealth of talented Leaders, Sempai and Sensei’s, all supporting each other to make our community truly one big family.

This year we saw many great students rising up the ranks and taking on leadership roles in younger classes. On top of that we had no less than 7 people attain Black Belt, which by the way is a record! Congratulations to Luc, Sarah, Stephen, Remmy who all attained Shodan (First degree Black Belt) and Sensei David who attained Nidan (Second degree Black Belt) in Term 4. Also Logan and Luis who attained Shodan earlier in the year.

Please see below for Term 1 2018 key dates.

Evolution Jujutsu will start back on the below dates in 2018.

5-7 years class Tuesday 30th January at 4pm

Teenage class Tuesday 30th January at 5pm

8-11 years Thursday 1st February at 4pm 

Teenage class Thursday 1st February at 5pm

We wish you a fun and safe Christmas holiday break and we are keen to see everyone back in action in Term 1 2018.

Don’t forget, combined teenage and adult classes are still running Wednesday at 5pm and Saturday at 3pm throughout the holidays. Please check the timetable for full details.

Merry Christmas from the team at Evolution Jujutsu!