I hope you and your family are healthy and safe.
The instructors and myself have recently been testing online delivery of classes. We found that there are still considerable benefits to attending classes online. Continuing exercise and staying connected to people in itself is uplifting and very positive.

Starting Saturday April 11, we will be running classes online for each age group. The timetable for online classes can be found at http://evolutionjujutsu.com.au/timetable/. If students are unable to attend any of the scheduled classes please let me know so I can work something out with you.

5-7 Years
For 5-7 years the class will be at your normal class time on Tuesday at 4pm. For this age group I’m asking parents to please be present with your child for the online training session. If you are unable to attend, or another responsible adult will be supervising your child, please let me know.

8-11 Years
For 8-11 years the class will run on Thursday at 4pm. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend this class with your child, having said that, for this age group I’m only asking that parents are nearby keeping an eye on on their child.

Teenage and Adults
The Teenage and adult class will run on Wednesday at 5pm and Saturday at 11am. While Parents are not required for the teenage classes, they are always welcome to attend should they wish.

For all classes
Please make sure to check with parents that the area you are training in is safe, with no dangerous objects nearby.
Initially online classes will run for approximately 40 mins.

Download the Zoom app
We will be using a program called Zoom, a video conferencing application which many of you will already be familiar with. The software can be downloaded for free for computers at https://www.zoom.us/. For phones and tablets users, please download the free Zoom app from the App Store.
I would ask that students be ready to go before class starts, with the computer set up before hand and your microphone muted when connected.

The mind and body benefits from staying connected and continuing to train are vital during times of isolation.
If any parents have questions about online training please email or phone me. I’m happy to answer any questions or discuss any points you would like to raise.
These classes will be run throughout the school holidays and continue into next term.

Stay safe and healthy!
From myself and all the Instructors at Evolution Jujutsu, thank you for your continued support.

Sensei Nick