Term 2 has seen many of our leaders and assistant instructors progressing in leaps and bounds. I’m very proud of the great progress being made by all our Sempai. The leadership program not only builds confidence with martial arts, but can benefit many areas of schooling and beyond into adult life. Finding confidence with public speaking is very useful and facilitating learning can be valuable in many careers. To find out more please speak to Sensei Nick.

See below for key dates and important information in the lead up to the school holidays.


The end of term gradings will be conducted during normal class time on the week starting 26th of June and finishing Saturday July 1. 

• Grading for 5-7 year’s will be Tuesday the 27 June.

• Grading for 8-11 year’s will be Thursday the 29 June.

• Teenagers can attempt grading during their normal class from 27 June to 1 July.

If for any reason you will be unable to attend grading during this week, please let Sensei Nick know prior and an alternative time will be set aside at the beginning of Term 3.

School Holiday Timetable

During the school holidays (1 July to 17 July) classes will be running on Wednesday and Saturday as per the below times. Teenagers are encouraged to attend Wednesday and Saturday during the school holidays.

• Wednesday 5:00pm Adults and Teens

• Saturday 3pm Adults and Teens

• Saturday 4.30pm Ninjutsu

Term 3 2017 for all 5-7, 8-11 and teenage classes will start back on Tuesday 18 July.

Black Belt and Beyond Seminar

Sensei Geoff taught the Third in the series of “Black Belt and Beyond” seminars early this term. The seminar was well received with everyone enjoying the challenging techniques.

Sensei Geoff will be back, teaching the Forth session of “Black Belt and beyond” in Term 3 on Saturday 29 July. While the seminars will be aimed at advanced techniques leading up to black belt, it is highly recommended to all grades levels.

Below are a couple of pictures from the day.

Photos from the last seminar