Yes it’s grading time! This week we will be holding our 4th grading of the year. Now is the time to dust off your syllabus and complete one last review!

Already this year we have had three people grade to Black Belt! Congratulations to Logan, Luis and Remmy on their fantastic performances. However that’s not all, before the years out we will see further purple belts giving it their all and hopefully passing this important milestone in their martial arts career.

Please see below for key dates and important information in the lead up to the school holidays.


The end of term grading will be conducted during normal class times this week, starting Tuesday November 28 and finishing Saturday December 2.

• Grading for 5-7 year’s will be Tuesday November 28.

• Grading for 8-11 year’s will be Thursday November 30.

• Teenagers can attempt grading during their normal class from November 28 to December 2.

If for any reason you will be unable to attend grading during this week, please let Sensei Nick know prior and an alternative time will be set aside at the beginning of Term 1.

Please bring your syllabus, full uniform and sparring gear to class during this week. Also Sempai, please bring your Instructor workbook.

Last Weekends’ Seminar

Sensei David ran a fantastic seminar on Saturday, covering distancing and the transition through various ranges of engagement. It was great to spend some time revisiting and refining this important topic.

Last class for Term 4

The last class for 5-7 years will be held on Tuesday December 12.

The last class for 8-11 years will be held on Thursday December 7.

School Holiday Timetable

During the school holidays (December 13 to January 27) classes will be running on Wednesday and Saturday as per the below times. Teenagers are encouraged to attend Wednesday and Saturday during the school holidays.

• Wednesday 5:00pm Adults and Teens

• Saturday 3pm Adults and Teens

• Saturday 4.30pm Ninjutsu

Term 1 2018 for all 5-7, 8-11 and teenage classes will start back on Tuesday January 30.

The timetable on the website is up to date and has the correct times.

Best of luck in the upcoming grading.

From myself and all the leaders and instructors have a happy and Safe Holiday!

See you on the mats!

Sensei Nick