Welcome back! Evolution Jujutsu kicks off on Tuesday the 23rd of July for all scheduled classes. See our website for the full timetable.

Enrolments for Term 3 are now open through the website, please ensure students are signed up at the beginning of term.

Active Kids are now offering a second voucher for July – December 2019.

See below for further details.

Term 3 2019 Classes

Commence on the following days:

5-7 Years: 4pm Tuesday 23 July.
8-11 Years: 4pm Thursday 25 July.
Teens: 5pm Tuesday 23 July &
5pm Thursday 25 July.

Wednesday and Saturday timetable continues as normal.

Grading Week

Last terms grading was very successful with a high number of students progressing through. The instructors focused on a theme of increased intention and follow through. It was evident that students from all age groups were listening and putting those concepts into action!

I’m pleased to report the following students in the leadership program have been progressing through and achieved the following: Alex M – Level 2 Leader, Nathan M – Level 3 Advanced Leader, Tara P – Level 5 Assistant Instructor. Well done!

Congratulations Tara
A big congratulations to Tara who achieved Black Belt last term showing great determination and control, delivering an inspirational grading! We look forward to great things from Tara as she heads towards becoming a Level 6 instructor.

If you would like to find out more or become involved in the leadership program, please contact Sensei Nick at office@evolutionjujutsu.com.au

Membership Renewal Available Online Now

Term 3 membership renewal is available online now. Please sign up at the start of term to secure your enrolment. Our Term 3 classes for 5-7s, 8-11s and Teenagers start from Tuesday 23 July.

If you are an existing member of Evolution Jujutsu, don’t forget to login to the members area. This will enable you to renew your membership for Term 3 quickly and easily.

You can sign up without logging in by clicking here: http://evolutionjujutsu.com.au/join/

Active Kids are now offering a second $100 voucher

Active Kids is now offering a second $100 rebate, which means you can use your second $100 voucher from the NSW Government with us for Term 3. The second voucher can only be used from July to December and only one voucher can be used each term. For more information on applying for or redeeming an Active Kids voucher please click here: Active Kids