With the lifting of restrictions in NSW from July 1, community sport has been allowed to recommence. This means that for Term 3, Evolution Jujutsu will be back in the Dojo!! We are excited and look forward to seeing everyone back training for Term 3.

The Evolution Jujutsu website is now accepting enrolments for Term 3. Enrol here: http://evolutionjujutsu.com.au/join/
All Tuesday and Thursday classes recommence from July 21. Wednesday and Saturday classes are running from July 4.

From Saturday July 4 all classes will be held in the Dojo. So for the time being all online classes will be suspended.

We will be running a grading in week 5 of Term 3 for all students. Students will have the option to attempt a double grading to catchup to where they would have been without the disruption.

For information relating to Evolution Jujutsu’s COVID-19 Safety Plan please see here: http://evolutionjujutsu.com.au/covid-19-safety-plan/
If students or parents have any questions, Sensei Nick is happy to answer them. ndavies@evolutionjujutsu.com.au

Term 3 2020 Timetable
Commence on the following days:

5-7 Years: 4pm Tuesday 21 July.
8-11 Years: 4pm Thursday 23 July.
Teens: 5pm Tuesday 21 July &
5pm Thursday 23 July.

Wednesday and Saturday timetable continues as normal.